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Frozen Pension Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is meant by “freezing” a pension Plan? If a company decides to freeze a pension plan, a few or all of the employees covered under that plan cease to earn some or all of plan benefits right from the point of freeze and beyond. Which employees will be affected and what benefits will […]

The Unintended Consequences of Frozen Pension

The new pension legislation will make coming generations feel the pension benefits differently. One of major concerns among pension holders and experts is that these new changes can also have some unintended effects. Such effects can push the companies to either drop or freeze pension plans rather than continue to fully fund workplace pension and […]

Frozen Pension, Dormant Or Paid Up Pension

The UK government is currently looking at making it simpler for employees to take their pensions with them as they switch one job to another. A clear system is expected to be developed in which individuals with small pension funds can carry forward their pension plan when they switch jobs. But these are still in […]

Frozen Pension

Challenge of Managing Frozen Pension Plans

Traditional pension plans (also known as defined benefit plans) are being frozen by previous employers. It can be quite challenging to manage such frozen pension plans. There are great challenges if your personal pension plan is frozen, but the good news is that help’s at hand. That said, there are various options and protection plans […]