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How Frozen Pension Can Affect Your Retirement Life

Who doesn’t want to retire in a sunny place with total peace of mind? But if you choose wrong country to retire, you could lose a great amount of money over your retirement life by way of getting your state pension frozen. The affect of frozen pension on your retirement can be different depending on […]

Will Your Pension Be Frozen If You Emigrate?

Today, a lot of people view living and working abroad as an attractive and feasible alternative to working and staying in UK; therefore the emigration rate from UK to other countries continues to rise. For Britons who are weighing up their options of moving abroad, there are a lot of things to consider and checking […]

UK Migrants Demand End To Pension Freeze

Pension may not be the most important thing right now for you when you are young! But whether you like it or not, you are getting older and your future, that you think distant, is approaching you rapidly. You are no different in imagining your retirement to be peaceful without any financial worries. After all, […]

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Challenge of Managing Frozen Pension Plans

Traditional pension plans (also known as defined benefit plans) are being frozen by previous employers. It can be quite challenging to manage such frozen pension plans. There are great challenges if your personal pension plan is frozen, but the good news is that help’s at hand. That said, there are various options and protection plans […]

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UK Pensions for Foreign Residents

If you are moving to the UK with plans to settle here with or without family, you will be treated just like any other British citizen; but if you are in UK for a short assignment or for a limited time period, thing could get complicated. The effect and complexity level of your financial planning […]

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Pension Review, Unlock Your Frozen Pension

As you change jobs through your working life, there are possibilities that you are leaving behind your occupational pension contributions. These pension pots into which you can no longer make contributions can get locked or frozen. The majority of people think that their money in frozen pension pots is locked until their retirement. The truth […]

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Are You Settling Abroad? Don’t Get Your Pension Frozen

While most UK residents move abroad for better professional opportunities, the last thing to be on their minds is their UK pension that’s left unattended. However, at every turn of your professional career, it’s worth remembering that your pension is one of your most valuable assets after your home or properties. Therefore, it is imperative […]

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What To Do If Your Pension Is Frozen?

It is possible according to a recent study that more than 5 million people in UK alone could be missing out on their pension funds as they retire due to their pension pots being frozen or locked. It is also estimated that about a quarter of adult professionals in the UK ignore or overlook at […]

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What is a Frozen Pension and what you need to know about your Frozen Pension Plan?

In Britain, like many other European countries, the ageing population is increasing at a much higher rate than the birth rate. People are also living much longer – while pension predictions don’t look so healthy! Nevertheless, as you age and switch jobs, it is vital to be properly informed about your pension funds in preparation […]