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Scam Pension Campaign

Scam Websites Frozen in Pension campaign

There has been report of many websites being suspended who have been cheating people of their pension funds by giving misleading information. They reportedly ran scam campaigns encouraging members to dig into their pension pots even before they reach 55 by offering personal loans or cash incentives through misinformation. Going by reports, National Crime Agency, has […]

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Frozen Pension Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is meant by “freezing” a pension Plan? If a company decides to freeze a pension plan, a few or all of the employees covered under that plan cease to earn some or all of plan benefits right from the point of freeze and beyond. Which employees will be affected and what benefits will […]

Pension Faqs

Pension Frequently Asked Questions

Pension! How will I get it? What will be the return? Has my pension become a frozen pension? We are sure there are so many questions that cross your mind as you approach your retirement age. We have tried to answer some of the most common questions before. We will continue to post more such […]

Managing Frozen Pension Plan As Financial Obligation

Even the frozen pension plans need active management. When a company announces freezing of  a pension plan, meaning there will be no new enrollments in the plan, this doesn’t mean that frozen pension plans become less of a challenge. What To Do When Pension Plan Freezes Managing the frozen pension plan as a financial obligation […]

The Unintended Consequences of Frozen Pension

The new pension legislation will make coming generations feel the pension benefits differently. One of major concerns among pension holders and experts is that these new changes can also have some unintended effects. Such effects can push the companies to either drop or freeze pension plans rather than continue to fully fund workplace pension and […]

What To Do If You Have Been Offered Lump Sum For Your Pension Funds

In case you are entitled to one or more pension funds from your previous employers, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get a letter from them offering you a lump sum for your pension. So, always make sure you do not have any frozen pension. The new rulings allow administrators to collectively calculate the lifetime […]

Frozen Pension, Dormant Or Paid Up Pension

The UK government is currently looking at making it simpler for employees to take their pensions with them as they switch one job to another. A clear system is expected to be developed in which individuals with small pension funds can carry forward their pension plan when they switch jobs. But these are still in […]

Keeping Your Pension Benefits Even If You Leave The job

If you are a member of any pension plan set by your employer, the pension benefits only belongs to you. Even if you leave the job for any reason, no one else except you can claim the pension benefits. If you are thinking about what you can do with your pension contributions after leaving (not […]

State Pension In Different Countries – Check Else Your Pension Freezes

Countries that are under social security agreement with UK have different arrangements for State Pension payments. Below information could help to understand these arrangements: 1. State Pension Payment In Barbados Effective from April 1, 1992, the UK State Pension in Barbados is paid at the same rate as it would have been if you were […]

Pension Freeze – Pension For People Living Abroad – Guide

You are entitled to get your state pension when you start living abroad but if you move to certain countries, your pension funds may be frozen – meaning your pension will be frozen at a rate when it was first paid. In other words, your pension will not reflect any rise if you move to […]