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We can provide advice for any and all situations whether you want to reclaim money, or are simply curious about the ins and outs of the systems. If you are not sure whether you have a right to a claim we can discuss your employment history and advise you on the correct course of action to take. It’s common for people to not fully understand how pension payment schemes and plans work so we aim to demystify the process and open it up so you can better understand your financial rights and situation.


The money you work for is yours and you should benefit from every last bit of it. When you face a situation in which your past pensions are frozen or lost, it’s important not to forget that money. You earned it and you have a right to put it to work for you instead of letting it diminish thanks to annual holding fees ranging from 0.5% to 2.5%. These types of pensions can collect interest, but it can be as small as 0.5% so it doesn’t make sense as a long term investment, to leave your money tied up in these schemes.

  • The best chance you have at maximising your returns is to get informed. Seeking the advice of professionals who know their way around this system is essential if you want to ensure you don’t lose out on money which is rightfully yours.
  • Pensions vary dramatically and people are often opted into the plans without having the full terms and conditions explained to them. If you know you have paid money into a pension scheme in the past then it’s worth considering if your current pension has access to this money, or if it has been lost or is part of a frozen pension.
  • We will help you recover your lost or frozen pension entitlement. For more information please fill in our online form or call us on: 0800 9330953

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