We Recover Lost & Frozen Pension Entitlement

Many different options abound for paying into pensions, but what happens when you circumstances change? Pension payment plans are an everyday part of all working peoples' lives but many people are ill-informed or mislead about exactly how pensions work and what can be done with them in the multitude of possible employment scenarios you may face in your lifetime.

It is our goal to help people manage these situations. The money you pay into a pension at any job is still yours but what more and more people are finding is that they are not benefiting from having made these payments. Because it is more and more common these days for people to have a number of frozen pensions from their various jobs and careers, we are looking to help ex-employees regain this money which is too often forgotten or abandoned. There's never been a better time to recoup these losses as any amount that can be reclaimed will help you.

Even though many people feel the amounts paid into these sorts of schemes are quite small, that is no reason to abandon them. That money was put away with your future in mind and so it is your right to extract it and make use of it. We have extensive experience negotiating the complex claims procedures and we have successfully reclaimed frozen pensions for a huge number of satisfied clients.

  • We Trace All Your Pensions

    We Trace All Your Pensions

    If you have ever paid into a pension scheme we will tell you.

  • We Identify Frozen Pensions

    We Identify Frozen Pensions

    We will identify any lost or frozen pension contributions quickly.

  • We Recover Your Money

    We Recover Your Money

    We will recover your contributions which are rightfully yours.